Death at one's elbows...

So yesterday I had this brush with death. Well, not exactly brush with death, I just said that because it sounds cool, but the chance for a pretty nasty injury was there. I had been photographing. I was finishing up and about to turn off the flood light when there was a buzzing noise and the bulb exploded. I had turned away in that half second when I heard the buzzing, and luckily so. The shards flew everywhere and were so hot that they had melted into the carpet. It was so weird, I've never seen anything like that happen. I imagine if I had been facing the bulb, the shards would have landed on my face and arms, the heat melting them into my skin. I'd guess my eyes would have been fairly safe, since I wear glasses. But yeah, me...dead.

Joe Jackson > Jack, You're Dead
Joy Division > Dead Souls
M83 > Gone
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds > Death Is Not The End


sharon said...

Be careful chuck, living life on the edge as you do. :)


Stef said...

Eek! Glad you didn't end up with burning bot glass sticking out of your face and eye balls. That would have been bad.