help me create a kate bush mix

my buddy, jennifer, is not familiar with kate bush. i've been charged with the task of making a mix for her (jennifer, not kate bush). the music jen likes tends to be danceable, which makes this task a bit difficult as my favorite KB stuff is not very danceable at all. i was supposed to work on this over the weekend, but i'm a lazy bastard. which doesn't mean i didn't think about it, i just haven't done it. anyways, tracks i'm thinking of including are:

suspended in gaffa
running up that hill
l'amour looks something like you
jig of life
oh to be in love
this woman's work
under the ivy
night of the swallow
the wedding list
wuthering heights
how to be invisible
and dream of sheep

so many to choose from...hmm, anyone have any suggestions? this'll be for a regular 80 minute cd.


Stef said...

Hmmm... Interesting challenge.

I think you want to start with something impactful and uptempo and then perhaps mellow it out before picking up the pace again at the end.

I'm thinking start with Sat in Your Lap (drums, pace and about 8 octaves) and ending with either Cloudbusting or Running up that Hill. Night of the Swallow or Jig of Life would be a good mid-point kick start.

What about This Woman's Work and Army Dreamers?

robot_hero said...

i love Sat In Your Lap, i hope it doesn't frighten her!

Stef said...

Nah, my mum like Sat in Your Lap. It'll be fine.

If she hates it you probably shouldn't be friends with her anyway, just ditch her! ;-)

Stef said...

Are you guys getting TV ads (sorry, commercials) for Aerial on TV over in the US?

I saw one here last night in one of the many and long breaks in Lost. There was a quote from a magazine review that simply said:

"Bonkers!" (that means crazy by the way)

robot_hero said...

hmm, no...i haven't seen any ads for the album. even tho she has a good size cult following, i think she never made it (commercially) here because she was too, umm....english..or something.

Stef said...

How's the compilation tape coming along?

robot_hero said...

been a little lazy about it, but i'm about halfway done. i'll post the tracklist in a day or so.

Anonymous said...

did you include rubberband girl?? totally danceable!

robot hero said...

No, I did not use Rubberband Girl. SIGH, I have a problem with The Red Shoes, in that I really don't like it. I wonder where that tracklist is, I think I posted it.