I came around to tear your little world apart

I feel compelled to write this just as an aside to the Garbage vs. Curve thing. Remember when Vow first came out in the mid nineties? I think the single preceded the album by a month or so and it was oh so sexy. I mean, really, was there anyone hotter than Shirley Manson back then? Anyways, not gonna put too much else here, as I've been promised a Garbage post before the end of the year. So for now, relive the brilliant darkness...

Garbage > Vow


jennifer said...

Oh yes. I've often wished I disliked myself so much that I could write tragic words like Shirley. Shirley!

Vow; those were the days.

Stef said...

Those were indeed the days. There was a lot of good indie/guitar stuff coming out then. Now everything just sounds like fucking Coldplay. *yawn*

Shirley was a goddess. Bit like Tori Amos really, the early stuff was powerful, beautiful, awesome... Then their lives became less shit and the music suffered. *sigh*

It's a bit like when rock bands quit the drink and the drugs, it usually signals the end.