I'm impatient for the sun to go down

Somebody over at one of the BBs I haunt posted about Curve, whom I haven't listened to in a while. Curve were always pretty underrated, I felt. They were dance, industrial, electronic, goth, shoegaze, etc all rolled up into one. Toni Halliday had (and probably still has) the voice of a siren temptress, not to mention that she's completely gorgeous. Jennifer dissed me for my love of Curve (I forget exactly what she said, but she didn't like them), but this will have to be one of those times we simply disagree. These are some of my favorite Curve songs.

Missing Link
I Feel Love (Donna Summer cover)


jennifer said...

The problem is is that their sound is JUST SO DATED, and I cannot get past it. There is just something that turns me off about them. They sound so 80s - early 90s. I can just picture the denim cutoffs, the bouffant bad dye-jobs (in black, of course) and the Lennon sunglasses. UGH.

Your description of what elements of music they combine SOUNDS enticing, but it must be when you combine all those great genres, you get dull, derivative, cringeworthy garbage.

And speaking of garbage, if you want something that does expertly combine all those ace musical elements, look to Garbage. Shirley Manson = goddess. And I love that the dudes are all Madison, Wisconsin geeks.

"I Feel Love" is good; but that's only because it's a fucking classic Giorgio Moroder tune!

robot_hero said...

Jen, I love you but I couldn't disagree more. They don't sound dated to me at all, I guess it's just a matter of preference. I like Garbage and Shirley Manson is pretty cool, but they were (are?) really the cotton candy version of Curve.

jennifer said...

I think a lot of critics have said just that - that Garbage are a second rate Curve - but I disagree! :D Garbage are more technically proficient as musicians, and with Shirley as their lyricist, my GOD, the words are dark, dark, dark. The girl is so self-loathing. A beautiful red head losing her marbles. There's no one like her!

robot_hero said...

Ha, excellent. I was gonna write some long and dull comparison complete with bullet points and a powerpoint presentation, but it's pretty clear we don't agree on this topic, which is cool. In fact, I just queued up some Garbage in your honor. Hey, do you wanna do a write up on them?

Stef said...

OK, I'm going to wade in here. Better late than never eh? ;-)

I kinda like both Garbage and Curve although I'm much more familiar with Garbage's work. Curve kinda passed me by at the time. Cheers for the heads-up by the way.

Surely they both sound dated though? It's not a problem though but I don't think one has stood the test of time more than the other.

Shirley and Toni are both great but I think Shirley wins in the Goddess stakes.

Anyhoo, I'm looking forward to this presentation!

robot_hero said...

I don't think either of them sound dated, but that's just me. I like them both, but I like arguing with Jen about this too. I knew she'd speak up after I'd posted this.