here's the cover of kate bush's upcoming album, aerial. fucking hell, i can't wait for it. so here are ten kate bush songs i can't live without.

  • running up that hill (a deal with god)
  • night of the swallow
  • under the ivy
  • l'amour look something like you
  • babooshka
  • this woman's work
  • james and the cold gun
  • violin
  • waking the witch
  • suspended in gaffa
hmm. nothing from lionheart or the red shoes. that's not to say that lionheart is not a good album. it is, but it just doesn't have my favorite tracks. the red shoes, however, is another story. what a disappointing album. it has a couple good moments, but i feel it completely pales in comparison to anything previous to it (including lionheart!). put that under your christmas tree!


Fishy said...

*happy happy fishy dance*

jasmic said...

bbc radio 4's Today Programme this morning had a bizarre news item about Kate Bush. Its main point was that she hasn't been on the radio for a long time and her last album was twelve years ago.

Basically it was a news item about how she isn't on the radio. Needless to say she didn't give them an interview...

Stef said...

Did you know your blog post (and mine) were in The Guardian on 29th September?

Stef said...

More on topic, an interesting selection of tracks. Would probably have more The Dreaming myself and I have always preferred Cloudbusing and Jig of Life to Running Up That Hill.

Bit worried about Ariel though, it's going to be a double album apparently... King of the Mountain is a decent track but if that's the best there is and it's a double...

robot_hero said...

what the fuck? people actually read this shit? oh man, i'm so embarrassed, but thanks for the heads up.

anyway, i'm inclined to agree about the dreaming. it's really my favorite album of hers, but i had been listening to hounds quite a bit when i posted; that list is pretty much of the moment. jig of life is wonderful. i remember i used to hate it, it was the only song on the album i'd skip. it simply clicked with me one day.

right now, i'll be happy as long as aerial is better than the red shoes. is it november yet?

Stef said...

Hey, don't be too embarrassed. Being a Kate Bush geek is not too bad. There are many, many more embarrassing artists to be into.

Besides you're OK, The Guardian is the paper most of my friends and family read.

robot_hero said...

i'm routinely ridiculed for my unabashed love for puffy amiyumi, so i guess i should be able to handle just about anything.

jasmic said...

And now I have read this collection of comments I know that you know about the guardian article. That is how I found your Blog by the way, mate of mine read it and phoned me up to tell me about the Kate Bush album as he knew I would be interested.

robot_hero said...

pretty cool. your comment and another had me slightly puzzled, as i couldn't figure out how you found me and just chalked it up to random coincidence.