one kiss can lead to another

so i've had the flu, or some variation of it, for the past week. i missed more than half the work week, which is fine, but for all the wrong reasons. i missed my hockey games this week. i've been sitting around at home, feeling like shit. i've been coughing so much, my voice sounds like froggy from the little rascals.

tonight, i was okay enough to get out of the house for a bit. i decided to treat myself to some shopping at amoeba. i finally succumbed and picked up the rhino records release, one kiss can lead to another: girl group sounds lost & found. 4 cds. 30 tracks each. 107 artists. fucking brilliant. i've listened to three of the discs so far, and i swear i haven't heard a bad track. if you're into 60s girl groups, or even if you have a passing interest, do pick this up, i think this is essential stuff. i think the most interesting feature is that it's not an overplayed hits compilation that you'd see advertised on late night television. most of the songs here either didn't make it or were simply overlooked (much like the "beg, scream and shout" box set i picked up last summer, which you should get as well). roughly around $65, i think it's actually inexpensive considering the fabulous packaging. the cd cases are like faux compacts, the liner notes are printed in a book that's labeled "diary", and it all comes in a hatbox. how cool is that?

a few tracks to entice you (these will be up for a short time):
earl-jean - i'm into something good
little eva - the trouble with boys
four pennies - when the boy's happy (the girl's happy too)


Stef said...

Glad you're getting better. Nothing like a good bit of shopping to speed up the recovery :-)

Stef said...

Just had a listen to those old 60s tunes (downloaded them a few days ago), what a nice way to start a Wednesday morning :-)

robot_hero said...

sweet, man...glad you like them. i'm completely addicted to that set. ^_^

Stef said...

It sounds great. I've just been listening to an old fun/rare-groove CD set featuring the likes of the Honey Drippers. Class stuff.

Sharon said...

I've had my eye on the box set for a while. Damn you! I WANT it.

I hope you're feeling better now.


robot_hero said...

get it, girl!