Get yourself a new tattoo

I had forgotten how much I liked Cracker's Big Dipper. I have no idea why it popped into my head tonight, I don't think I've listened to it since before GWB took office. I love the imagery and the feelings of longing the song conjures. It's weird, it's sort of lazy, romantic and yet intense at the same time. The Big Dipper (the actual name is the Giant Dipper) is a roller coaster on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. He mentions being able to see Monterey, and possibly San Jose, from the top of the roller coaster. This definitely fits into my informal "Songs About California" series. I love this line:

And, hey, June, why'd you have to come
Why'd you have to come around so soon?
I wasn't ready for all this nature
The terrible green, green grass
And violent blooms of flowered dresses
And afternoons that make me sleepy

It reminds of a summer with no plans; when the world was wide open and you could point yourself in any direction and it would be the right way to go.

Cracker > Big Dipper


All I want is to be at home

A few obsessions all in one! I went to see Coraline (in glorious 3D) the other day and loved it. I read the book last week, as well, in anticipation of watching the film. And lastly, I've been obsessing over all things Curve for the past couple weeks. I happened to be looking for the soundtrack to the movie and I found this cool Neil Gaiman tribute album called, Where's Neil When You Need Him? Of course, all of the songs are by artists who are fans of Gaiman. One of the bigger names is Tori Amos, who has referenced Gaiman more than a few times in her songs.

Going back to my Curve obsession, however, another of the artists on the album is Rose Berlin, who just happens to be the daughter of Dean Garcia, the main dude behind the music of Curve. The track is actually listed as Rose Berlin (featuring Curve). Also, she and her father have also made a great album, along with other peeps, under the name of SPC ECO. Okay, I think I've gotten all my facts straight.

Rose Berlin (featuring Curve) > Coraline


No tears to damn you

Yeah, that picture is correct. I'm gonna post an Elton song. Well, actually it's Sinead O'Connor doing a cover of Elton John's Sacrifice, which is on an album, called Two Rooms, dedicated to the songs of Elton John and Bernie Taupin. Bet you never thought you'd read those names on here.

Actually, when I was a kid, I did like me some Elton. I knew this one kid who had the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album and we listened to that one a lot. The Greatest Hits album also got a lot of time on my record player at school (I went to a boarding school for a few years).

In any case, I just remembered that Sinead O'Connor's name came up during my Mexico trip over New Year's weekend. I think it was because on the way back to LA, DJ Martin had played something else of hers, or maybe Elton John's, and I was reminded of this track. I dunno, that whole weekend is such a blur. In any case, Sinead absolutely owns this song and I think it's light years better than the original. There also is a Kate Bush track on the album (
Rocket Man), which is good (and you know how much I love Kate Bush), but this one is clearly the class of the album. I'm betting you can find it in the bargain bins and it'd be worth the price just to get this track. But yeah, aside from this and the Kate track, the rest is lame. Like, really lame.

Sinead O'Connor > Sacrifice


< / 3

After all of the roses. After the Vermont Teddy Bear. After the Pajama-gram. After all of the chocolate, champagne and candlelit dinners. It's like this. Happy Valentine's Day.

Marva Whitney > Get Out of My Life


Planet Earth is blue, and there's nothing I can do

I just bought this tonight. The disc is out of print and ran me a hefty $25, which is pretty expensive for an 8-track cd. It holds a lot of sentimental value for me, as it was one of the first albums (vinyl, of course) I ever got (I was around 8 or 9). My uncle gave it to me for xmas, and I used to listen to it over and over. my favorite songs were Rebel Rebel, Golden Years and Space Oddity (I totally wanted to be Major Tom, floating high above the world).

*EDIT* I just found this awesome Bowie blog here. As described in the header, it is "A review of all David Bowie concerts, with track listings and short reviews." I think I'll be spending some time on that page.

David Bowie > Space Oddity


I Want You Back

You remember this classic by The Jackson 5, right? It's pretty sweet.
The Jackson 5 > I Want You Back

Okay, now check out David Ruffin's take, he totally kills it. I daresay I like Ruffin's version better. His voice is so soulful. I first found this on the Motown Sings Motown Treasures album. It's basically like Motown artists covering Motown classics, and it's fucking awesome.

David Ruffin > I Want You Back