M83's Dead Cities, Red Seas and Lost Ghosts was one of my favorite albums from a few years ago (03 or 04, I think). It was billed as a cross between electronica and shoegaze, which may or may not sound like a good combination, but the results completely work for my ears. The album seems to work best as little soundscapes, kinda cruising over alien terrain. Or it could soundtrack some imaginary movie in your mind. Anyways, I really like this album. It's hypnotic and mesmerising in a good way. It'll take you away for an hour or so and you may not even want to return. Also, the album cover is one of the cooler ones I've ever seen. I'm not sure if that's original art or not.

As for this particular track, I love how it starts out low and ominous, setting the mood. It just feels so dark and unsettling while slowly building. It finally erupts with a scream that echoes and reverberates in your head. It's a thing of beauty, and it's my favorite track on the album.

If you do end up buying this album, make sure you get the two-disc version. It was re-released a year or so after the original hit the stores. The second disc has some b-sides and live tracks which are worth having, especially when it's roughly the same price as the single disc pressing. They're on the Gooom label, you can check that out here, although it doesn't seem like it's been updated lately, so you may be better off with Amazon or whatever.

And finally, go and see them if you get the chance. They are very good as a live band. I went in expecting one or two dudes sitting at laptops. Guess again. They have the standard setup; drums, bass, guitars, keys/synths, and they completely fucking rock.

M83 > Gone

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jennifer said...

*yawn* I think you burned this for me then and it didn't do it for me then. I just gave this another try, but uh uh.