All I want is to be at home

A few obsessions all in one! I went to see Coraline (in glorious 3D) the other day and loved it. I read the book last week, as well, in anticipation of watching the film. And lastly, I've been obsessing over all things Curve for the past couple weeks. I happened to be looking for the soundtrack to the movie and I found this cool Neil Gaiman tribute album called, Where's Neil When You Need Him? Of course, all of the songs are by artists who are fans of Gaiman. One of the bigger names is Tori Amos, who has referenced Gaiman more than a few times in her songs.

Going back to my Curve obsession, however, another of the artists on the album is Rose Berlin, who just happens to be the daughter of Dean Garcia, the main dude behind the music of Curve. The track is actually listed as Rose Berlin (featuring Curve). Also, she and her father have also made a great album, along with other peeps, under the name of SPC ECO. Okay, I think I've gotten all my facts straight.

Rose Berlin (featuring Curve) > Coraline

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