No tears to damn you

Yeah, that picture is correct. I'm gonna post an Elton song. Well, actually it's Sinead O'Connor doing a cover of Elton John's Sacrifice, which is on an album, called Two Rooms, dedicated to the songs of Elton John and Bernie Taupin. Bet you never thought you'd read those names on here.

Actually, when I was a kid, I did like me some Elton. I knew this one kid who had the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album and we listened to that one a lot. The Greatest Hits album also got a lot of time on my record player at school (I went to a boarding school for a few years).

In any case, I just remembered that Sinead O'Connor's name came up during my Mexico trip over New Year's weekend. I think it was because on the way back to LA, DJ Martin had played something else of hers, or maybe Elton John's, and I was reminded of this track. I dunno, that whole weekend is such a blur. In any case, Sinead absolutely owns this song and I think it's light years better than the original. There also is a Kate Bush track on the album (
Rocket Man), which is good (and you know how much I love Kate Bush), but this one is clearly the class of the album. I'm betting you can find it in the bargain bins and it'd be worth the price just to get this track. But yeah, aside from this and the Kate track, the rest is lame. Like, really lame.

Sinead O'Connor > Sacrifice


shaz said...

I had the misfortune of hearing 'Crocodile Rock' on the radio the other day. Truly terrible. I went to moan to Thom and then discovered he owns this album for The Beach Boys' version of the song. *shudders*

Jim said...

This reminds me of an sampler of pop artists covering old jazz standards I found the other day. Except every single one is awful except Bjork's Gloomy Sunday, which is only ok. They really skimped on the session players, it's really dreadful. Got into a bitter argument about Elton no long ago, never liked him. It's surprising when people have strong opinions about singers who are just kinda "there".

robot hero said...

that's the AT&T cd, right? i have that around somewhere, i remember being very unimpressed by it...despite the fact that it was free. elton john, if anything, i'd say i liked his 70s stuff from when i was growing up, but i don't feel the need to revisit any of it.

shaz, i'm not surprised about thom, knowing his completist nerd tendencies.

jennifer said...

Ugh! I don't think Martin has any Sinead but I do know he has some Elton. o_O

jedipan said...

stop hatin' on sinead! great trck, by the way, robot.. :)