let it snow?

it's been so fucking cold, it snowed here this past weekend. saturday, there was some crazy ass 30 car pile up on the 101 over by sausalito, because san franciscans don't know how to drive when there's snow and ice on the road. apparently, we have some weather front that's been coming down from alaska for the past few weeks which has made it about 15 degrees cooler than usual. so does this mean the classic san francisco summer will be subzero temps? man, that would suck. the mild climate is one of the reasons why i live here. i don't do snow and i don't do humidity. fuck that, i'll take the fog.

mark mothersbaugh > snowflake music (from rushmore)
piana > snowbird

the piana track is really cool, you can check out her site here. she has a couple albums (snowbird and ephemeral) which are both lovely. she sings in japanese (surprise surprise, right?). i prefer snowbird slightly more just because it's got more glitchy (but subtle) electronics. ephemeral is the more acoustic of the two, however, you couldn't go wrong with either (or both). purchase here, if you're interested.

as for the mark mothersbaugh track,
he has such a deft touch, i think that guy can do no wrong on his soundtracks. i like all the stuff he's done with wes anderson. i know he's done stuff on peewee's playhouse (tv) and has probably done a whole lot more that i either don't know or am unaware of.

ps: the pic is not from this weekend, but from a promotional event (featuring johnny moseley) that occured last fall. it looked like this...


Stef said...

Snow in California? I know Oakland/SF is fairly north but that's got to be unusual right?

robot_hero said...

VERY unusual!