I Want You Back

You remember this classic by The Jackson 5, right? It's pretty sweet.
The Jackson 5 > I Want You Back

Okay, now check out David Ruffin's take, he totally kills it. I daresay I like Ruffin's version better. His voice is so soulful. I first found this on the Motown Sings Motown Treasures album. It's basically like Motown artists covering Motown classics, and it's fucking awesome.

David Ruffin > I Want You Back


michelle said...

thanks for posting this gem :) the jackson five is one of my "guilty pleasures"...well i won't call it guilty bec. i think they rule, but not enough people seem to think so... and i never knew there was a cover, i don't know how you find these things! yeah i really love the cover too, i don't know if i can say i like it *better* than the first version, just because i'm so attached to the first version, but i love the cover version as well, which is rare- to find a cover as good as the original, or as you might dare to say- is better than the original.

anyway, thank you :)

robot hero said...

glad u likes...you're welcome ^_^