When you see her smile, you'll understand why

I'm sat here in a friend's apartment in Los Angeles, listening to My Little Airport, waiting for my day to begin. I found these guys randomly, through someone else's post. Then I saw their whole album was available on another random blog, so I thought I'd check it out. My Little Airport are from Hong Kong, they sing in Cantonese, English and French. Their sound is sorta delicate and precious. Twee, I guess some peeps would say, although I can't stand that word. How about just plain indie pop? That works for me. The album I have is called We Can't Stop Smoking in the Vicious and Blue Summer. This song, My Little K and J, is about a girl who goes to a friend's wedding and falls for a girl she meets there.

My Little Airport have mp3s available on their site (linked above), and there's more music to hear here.

My Little Airport > My Little K and J

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