Waiting to fail, but not quite yet

This has probably been cooked several times over by all the "cool" music sites and blogs, but we all know that I'm like the furthest thing from cool. I ran into Air France about a month or so ago, an EP called No Way Down. This track, No Excuses, is like a slice of ethereal pop heaven (I love the part where they start singing the chorus, and then pause while some peeps shout, "NO!"), and the cover of the EP is probably a good indicator of the dreamy music contained therein. I don't think this one is available yet here in the states, but you can order it over at Sincerely Yours. You can order it as a download as well, here, if you can't wait that long for the CD to drop into your greedy little paws. Lastly, is it me or does it seem like all the best pop music is coming from Sweden these days? Srsly man...

Air France > No Excuses

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