You're better on your own

Driving around Los Angeles the other day, Robert DeNiro's Waiting came on the radio (KCRW) and, a conversation about Bananarama sprang up. The other two occupants of the car had a superficial knowledge of the fab trio and I was asked which would be my choice Bananarama cuts, seeing as I had their first four albums and a greatest hits comp. I think, for me, the first album, Deep Sea Skiving, holds up the best and still is a fun listen. Tracks like What A Shambles, Cheers Then, Aie A Mwana, Young at Heart, and Wish You Were Here are among my faves. Jeez, that's like half the album. I just had a look at their website and it seems they're still going, despite being one girl short. They're all sexed up, too...what's up with that? They used to be so innocent looking.

Bananarama > Cheers Then

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jedipan said...

hah! thanks for this, brother.. :)