random bullshit

look! look! look! i've made sigificant progress tonight, i've finally put up my cd racks. witness this:

soon, these will be full (and this is zoomed in a bit).

so i've been asked to write a music article/review for a fanzine. i've put something together, but i'm not really happy with it. i think the main thing is that i have no confidence in my writing skillz. anyways, we'll see how it goes. i should probably just try to have fun with it, hopefully that will override my nervousness. and just to prove i'm having fun with it, i'll probably post it here when i'm absolutely done with it and you may mock me all you like.

for the second week in a row, i've gone to another show with ben and annie. this time it was opening night of the noise pop fest, featuring the flaming lips. i'm not a huge fan, but i like most of what i've heard of them. ben and i went to see them a few years ago, that was my first time seeing them. their show is a fucking spectacle. balloons, confetti, and bloody faces. what more could one ask for? how about a cover of bohemian rhapsody, complete with audience singalong? one of the encores was war pigs, and they had footage of bush and rumsfeld to compliment it.

i'm still waiting to hear back regarding my job interview. it's been two weeks and i've pretty much resigned myself to defeat. hotjobs.com, here i come....again.

ms. berry
has taken some really cool pix of some old west facades in her hood. did i say these were really cool? check out her flickr page and see for yourself. this one is my favorite.

i've been digging this band called band of horses. from what i know, a couple of the guys used to be in carissa's wierd. i have only one of the cw albums, "songs about leaving", but i really like it. actually, i just picked up "i before e" last week, at the same time i got the BoH album. carissa's wierd is kinda indie chamber pop, with piano, violins, boy voice, girl voice and sad, fucked up lyrics all wrapping themselves around each other. very pretty stuff. band of horses sorta remind me of old skool r.e.m. when they were on IRS; jangly, understated, and eloquent. the horses' album is called "everything all the time", check it out.

some tunes:
band of horses > the funeral
carissa's wierd > die


Stef said...

That looks like some fairly serious CD racks dude!

We have about a thousand or so CDs between us here and a stash in a friends attic but our collection isn't growing very fast these days. Not because we've got old and stopped getting new music it's just that we mainly play of MP3s these days and only buy CDs of things we can't get digitally...

That Flaming Lips gig sounds fun. Bohemian Rhapsody and War Pigs you say...?

Don't worry about the fanzine thing, I'm sure you'll write fine. You might want to use a few capital letters though! ;-)

Stef said...

Hey, I like that Band of Horses track! :-)

jennifer said...

You know I bought those same Ikea racks, but in birch, after seeing yours. So lean and tall and wonderfully matching. Two thumbs up.

robot_hero said...

i guess i've got around two thousand discs, but i lost count a long time ago. maybe i should go the digital route like you guys, i always think of just selling off the entire collection.

jen, i bought four more of those racks after i moved here, but i'm afraid that i'll have to get more. luckily, i have the space for it all, it's gonna be a big ass wall of cd's.

bonkie said...

i can't believe you copied my cd rack stylings...that show was pretty sweet though, so you're forgiven.

robot_hero said...

and jennifer copied me...see how that works?