I Want To Believe

Back when the X-Files started out, I didn't watch much television. I think I used to go drinking and shooting pool with my friends more than anything. I would see the occasional ad for the X-Files, but never really paid attention, thinking it was some over-sensationalized tabloid style show like the ones that were popular at the time.

I started going out with a girl who was totally hooked on the X-Files, which, of course, meant that I would be watching it as well. I remember being sort of reluctant at first, but that quickly changed. I think my initial introduction was somewhere in the middle of the second season. I was seriously surprised; apart from The Simpsons, I didn't think there was much television worth watching back then. Not that I was a snob or whatever, I just preferred to go out or play hockey.

In any case, I quickly developed an addiction and we'd both stay in on Fridays, waiting for Mulder and Scully's next adventure. What fascinated me the most was the show's similarity to another show that was a childhood favorite, The Night Stalker. Take The Night Stalker and throw in a healthy serving of government conspiracy and you've got the X-Files. I was quite pleased when I saw an interview where Chris Carter mentioned that The Night Stalker was a big influence on the X-Files. Darrin McGavin, who played Carl Kolchak in The Night Stalker, even showed up in a few episodes as Arthur Dales, the FBI agent who created the X-Files way back in the 50s. How fucking cool is that?

So the point of this post is, there is a new X-Files movie, I Want To Believe, coming next month, and I'm totally excited. Seriously, I don't care if someone says it's gonna be awful or whatever. They could show 2 hours of Scully doing her laundry with a washing board in front of a log cabin, and I'd still be all over it. Anybody wanna come with?

I recently have busted out my copy of a soundtrack album called, The Truth and The Light, by Mark Snow. It consists of music from the television show, which is not exactly a huge deal. The music is good and fits the show well. The cool thing about this album is that there's a lot of incidental dialog which, when coupled with the music, gets straight up creepy at times. Like this track, where Duane Barry screams out, "THEY DRILLED HOLES IN MY DAMN TEETH!" If you haven't seen this episode, well, context is everything.

Who is coming to the movie with me?

Mark Snow > Raptus (from The Truth and The Light: Music from The X-Files)

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