I'm too much with myself, I wanna be someone else

I like the sorta sad feel to this. This version was recorded at a live KCRW session (they have some really great comps available), the original is on the Lemonheads' It's A Shame About Ray album. This album just received the double-disc reissue treatment as well, I guess it has now achieved "classic" status. Seems like more of a record label cash-in, though. Either way, it's still a pretty good little album. I think it clocks in around half an hour; short and sweet.

Evan Dando and Juliana Hatfield > My Drug Buddy (Live at KCRW)


jennifer said...

OMG, sooooooooo early 90s "college rock." Heh. I LOVED Juliana Hatfield in '94, around "Reality Bites" and when she was on "My So-Called Life" in a guest spot as an angel.

robot hero said...

i know, right? i remember when my tastes started changing, i followed the "college charts" in the back of rolling stone magazine.

you know, i used to really like juliana hatfield's first album, "hey babe". man, and she was so cute, too. i never got into the blake babies, tho, i wonder if i should check them out.