All because of you

Oh, man. Usually I'd salivate at the prospect of a new PUFFY single, but I'm kinda afraid of this one. It's written by none other than Avril Lavigne and Butch Walker, the hit-making machine of whom we are all fond. So, I dunno...I'll probably pick it up because I love the PUFFY girls and I'm something of a completist geek. I wish they would at least have sung it in Japanese, then the lyrics might not sound so retarded. *SIGH*

PUFFY > All Because of You


Anonymous said...

"Chill out whatcha yelling' for?
Lay back it's all been done before
And if you could only let it be
you will see
I like you the way you are....
Why you have to go and make things so complicated?"

I agree, they shoulda at least sang in Japanese.... This song has Miss Lavigne written all over it... UGH.... maybe its time you found a new girl band... cuz puffy might be going downhill... fast. keke

robot hero said...

yeah, it makes me sad.