When breakups go wrong

Ha, oh man...I heard this song today. I had completely forgotten about it. I once lived with these three people (two guys, one girl), and we all worked at the same place. One of the guys and the girl were a couple, no big deal, right? Not until the girl starts seeing another guy. It was another guy from work, too. So my housemate finally finds out about it and he's like devastated. Girl moves out to who knows where, and living with this guy is like walking around a minefield. Probably the worst thing, from my perspective, is that this guy locks himself in his room, turns up his stereo and plays Chris Isaak's Somebody's Crying, over and over and over and over. I mean, it's cool...we've all been there before, right? It's a cool song, and I like it okay, but it just got to be unbearable after a while. And when he wasn't blasting the Isaak song, it was some godfuckingawful song by Seal. Thank goodness I can't even remember the title to that one.

Chris Isaak > Somebody's Crying


jennifer said...

Seal!!! WTF break up song does he have? Crazy? Kissed by a Rose? Those are his only two songs!!

robot hero said...

"kissed by a rose" sounds familiar, it could be that. i hope i never hear it.