You straightened my brother out?

For some reason, I think I've surfed past The Godfather on television like two or three weekends in a row. I love that movie, but it just seems weird that it's on every weekend. WTF? However, I am always reminded of this track, I Set My Face To The Hillside, by Tortoise. The first half of the song recalls the part in the movie where Michael has gone to hide out in Italy after shooting the corrupt police captain and another prominent mobster. I think my favorite scene was when he went to Las Vegas to see about buying a casino, and Moe Green tells Michael how he had to straighten Fredo out because "he was bangin' cocktail waitresses, two at a time!"; to which Michael replies, "You straightened MY brother out?" Moe Green pretty much sealed his fate with that statement.

So yeah, check this song on the Tortoise album, TNT, and also check out their site here. It looks like they also have some music to sample there as well. Lastly, you can pick up CDs over at Thrill Jockey, which is the label they're on.

Tortoise > I Set My Face To The Hillside

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