Rock n' rollin' til the break of dawn

The other day, a conversation popped up regarding They Might Be Giants. It reminded me of another of my favorite TMBG songs, We're The Replacements. Back in the late 80's, I bought a 3" CD just because it was the first time I had seen one. The band was TMBG (I didn't know who they were at the time), and the disc was a 4-track single, featuring the now-classic, Don't Let's Start. The second track on there is We're The Replacements. Very catchy and fun, and of course referencing the legendary band, The Replacements. I love the casual way he sings we're having a good time/rock n' rollin' til the break of dawn. Awesome.

They Might Be Giants > We're The Replacements

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jennifer said...

Aww, that was great!

I didn't know that 3 inch CDs were a thing of the past. I always thought they were a new thing designed to use less waste and take up less space! I kind of hate acquiring CDs these days and wish all CD manufacturers would make their packaging like sleek 'n' efficient Matinee Records does (or Cloudberry who make 3 inch CDs and cut outs!)