C'mon, lay your halo down

Always late to the party, I found out about Black Mountain less than two weeks ago. They have a new album called In The Future and it has been reviewed in a few of the sites I usually haunt, and I liked what I read and heard. Poking around, I found out that they were playing here and it was fairly cheap ($14!), so I went to check them out at The Independent last night. Their sound is kinda 70's rock (maybe metal) or somewhere in that neighborhood, and I really like the boy/girl singer dynamic. So I am at the show last night, and man oh man, that girl can wail. She was mesmerizing; seriously, I hardly took my eyes away from her. It was a really good gig. The album is pretty cool, although some of it can drag a bit. I think, though, that it comes with the style of music they're playing, which makes the plodding or dragging kinda inevitable. I've been listening to it a lot and, for the most part, I'd say it's engaging. They have music for you to download here, and of course, check out more music here. So far, this is my favorite track on the album.

Black Mountain > Angels

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