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So I just read that Stuart from Belle & Sebastian got married. I don't really listen to them any longer, but I was thinking that if it were not for Belle & Sebastian, I would not have met any of peeps I've encountered in the past five or six years. I've crashed on a lot of couches, downed a lot of alcohol with, and befriended people I might have no business even knowing. The world got a lot smaller because of a little Glaswegian indie pop band.

Here's the story of how I first got into Belle & Sebastian. I was living with my girlfriend and another couple. The guy had great taste in music, but him and his girlf were pretty lame. The girl was an obnoxious nag and the guy walked around the house in his boxers and wife-beater. Gross. But he happened to have a copy of If You're Feeling Sinister, which sounded pretty good to me.

Those guys moved out and I kinda forgot about Belle & Sebastian until I stumbled across a $5 promo copy of The Boy With The Arab Strap. A few months later, they were playing two nights at the Warfield theater. I found out too late about it and of course, it was sold out. I did a search and found a B&S message board, registered and pleaded for an extra ticket. The rest, apparently, is history. Or something.

Anyways, this was the first B&S track I really, really liked.

Belle & Sebastian > Sleep The Clock Around

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jedipan said...

it's funny how one person's decision to do something so far away, like form a band, can change so many people's lives, eh?