I know I'm a fool for you, but I'm leaving and that's the truth

So I was trying to find out what Andy Sturmer was up to these days. You might know him, he used to be in the criminally underrated Jellyfish, and he also wrote/produced PUFFY for a while. So yeah, I was trying to find out if he had anything goin on lately, and that was how I found L.E.O. It's the project of someone called Bleu (who sounds like he's pretty badass in his own right), and it's kind of a study or homage on the production and songwriting techniques of Jeff Lynne, who used to front the great E.L.O. Kind of a weird circle, isn't it?

Anyways, back to the task at hand, which is the L.E.O. album, entitled Alpacas Orgling. If somebody listens to this and says "OMG WHAT A RIPOFF!", I think they're missing the point. Of course, they wanted to get the sound down, but it also seems like a fun project as well. One of the articles I read (linked on the myspXXX site), Bleu states that L.E.O. stands for "little email operas". All the people who collaborated on this pretty much did their work at home and the tracks would bounce around back and forth until they were done. Pretty cool, eh?

L.E.O. > Ya Had Me Goin

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