Puffy the Monster!

I'm gonna go see Puffy tomorrow night, at Slim's. I am really digging their new album, Honeycreeper, it seems more immediate to me than the previous one. It took me a while to get into Splurge. I kinda miss the Andy Sturmer production on this and the last album, though. Being a big Jellyfish fan, he was the reason I had heard of Puffy. That said, I still really enjoy Puffy, and I am quite stoked to check out the gig.

My favorite song so far is Youkai Puffy, I guess it's about a monster or a ghost. It's a bit long, clocking in at just over seven minutes, but there is dialog at the beginning which lasts for about two or three minutes. I didn't like the dialog at first, but the tones of their voices crack me up. The song itself is a barn-burner and it sounds like the band is having a blast.

Check out their G*p ad above, and test drive a new track below. Also, there are more tracks available on their myspXXX page. Honeycreeper is already out in Japan, with a US release coming in 2008. How's that for vague?

Puffy > Youkai Puffy


jennifer said...

That was some crazy shit. It felt like I was watching one of those twee animated cartoons that I often watch on long plane rides.

Stef said...

That is nutty as squirrel-sh*t!

Stuce said...

Never heard their music, but I was a HUGE Jellyfish fan, and I wish he'd come out of anonymity