I'm a bitter man, I know, but listen honey, you're no fun

So I guess I've been listening to Voxtrot for about a year or so. I climbed upon the bandwagon a little late, as usual, but what are you gonna do? Whatever, right? The point is, I like them, for the most part and I'm going to go see them next week at the excellent Bimbo's 365 Club (inconveniently located in San Francisco's North Beach district).

Here comes the part where I sound like an indie snob. Voxtrot released their (self-titled) first album just earlier this year and I don't like it nearly as much as the previous EPs
(Mothers Sisters Daughters & Wives, Raised By Wolves, Your Biggest Fan). I dunno, I'm sure they put a lot of hard work into the album, but something got lost in the process. The EPs feel fresh and vital, while the album feels like it's stuck in the mud or something. I wanted to like it, but it really didn't catch me at all. Give the other stuff a listen, though, it's well worth your time.

All said, they are still a fun band to see live. Plus, all the girls love Ramesh. I don't think I've ever heard one female speak ill of his looks. So you'll get a little eye candy as well, if you attend a show. Nothing wrong with that. Check out Ramesh's blog, it's well written, if infrequently updated (kinda like this page...uhh, the infrequent updates part). Listen to more tracks on their myspaXXX page, but until then, check this out.

Voxtrot > Raised By Wolves

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jennifer said...

Heh. Totally agree with everything in this post, d00d! Raised by Wolves may just be my favorite song. It's my favorite EP fo' sure. How was their recent gig then?