I want to be that girl tonight

Sticking with the girl groups thing, (and this is the part where I get laughed at but i don't care) I'm really annoyed with myself for missing the Go-Go's at the Independent, last week. Yeah, I love 'em. Jane Wiedlin is freaking awesome, that girl is sex on a stick. Anyways, after the Go-Go's had been broken up for something like five years, they reunited in 1990 for what was supposed to be a one-off gig, a benefit for the California Environmental Protection Act. So a friend and I drove down to Los Angeles to catch the show, and it was great. They ending up touring a little more, I saw them again a year or so later, and I also caught them in 2001 when they were touring in support of their album, God Bless The Go-Go's. How Much More, from Beauty and the Beat, is perhaps my favorite song. I always liked how most of the songs were so uptempo, but the lyrics were kinda sad. Man, look at that pic; the 80s were responsible for some really heinous fashion trends.

The Go-Go's > How Much More

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