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I bought tickets to see The Pipettes at the end of the month, they're playing at the most excellent Bimbo's 365 Club. Just last week, their album finally got a US release, so I'm guessing the US tour is supposed to coincide with that. Just a side note, if you do end up liking this, I recommend tracking down the original release on Memphis-Industries, as the US version is being distributed by the evil Interscope. Anyway, they're kinda like cotton candy (eat too much and you get sick) but they're still really fun. I got to see them a few months back at the tiny Rickshaw Stop, so I'm gonna go again. I even mass-spammed my friends in an effort to get them out there to have a good time and support the band, but I doubt any of them will go. Fuckers. Anyways, I love this song. It's great fun, and sometimes that's all you need.

The Pipettes > We Are The Pipettes


Ben said...

i didn't get that spam. what does that mean?


Wood said...

Amusing song. I've somehow managed to avoid the Pipettes. Given the tastes of people I know who raved about them, I kind of thought they might be yet another of those low-rent off-key indie-pop bands with the hand claps and the slightly out of tune singing (like that All-Girl Summer Fun Band they have there. Bleah). The matching dresses sort of added to the impression.

But yeah, it's a fun, retro piece of music you've posted there. Is their whole act like that?

If it is, I get your comment about the cotton candy.

shazrazzamatazz said...

Which one is your favourite?


robot_hero said...

ben -- that means you're not on my list of people who have crappy ass taste in musics. come to the gig anyways, i sent it to my hockey peeps list, which is probably why you didn't get it.

wood -- i don't really like the AGSFB for the reasons you listed. the pipettes are waaaaay better than that. get the album; the production is great, the band rocks and the girls are sassy. i think you'll like it.

shaz -- my fave is the one that looks like you.

jennifer said...

Wood, I think you would really like them. They are not off-key, lo-fi, unpolished indie girls. They're kinda the exact opposite, in fact! They're super sassy, have great strong voices, and can really dance!

My favorite is Rose (or by her damn stage name Rosay).