My new favorite toy

No tune spam for this post, but this is still sorta music-related. I've had this browser plugin, FoxyTunes, for a little while now. A lot of the stuff I do at work requires me to use a web browser, and FoxyTunes lets you control your media player from the browser, instead of having to flip back and forth between windows. A couple weeks ago, I accidentally clicked on the song title in the FT display and was taken to the FT homepage.

Holy shit, it's great!

You can search the artist/band you're interested in and it brings up a sweet little page of info. It collates content from Wikipedia (artist bio), Youtube (song videos), Hype Machine (mp3s), LastFM (similar artist recommendations), Pandora (similar artist radio station), Lyric Wiki (lyrics by artist/album/song), Flickr (pix), and buy links from Amazon. Whoever created this didn't have to come up with any content at all. Brilliant. So yeah, I really dig it, as you can tell. You can download the plugin for Firefox here. And if you're using IE, you can get it here. I think it's only available for Windows, at the moment. Hopefully they'll have a Mac version running soon.


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shazrazzamatazz said...

Wow! Now isn't that just something?!