Run away with me tomorrow

The Smashing Pumpkins are back, for better or for worse. Unfortunately, James Iha and D'arcy Wretzky are not returning, which makes the "reunion" somewhat suspect. However, it always seemed that the Pumpkins were always a vehicle for Billy Corgan's musical vision and it's pretty much his brainchild, so he gets to do whatever he wants to do with the name. They're playing something like 7 or 8 sold out dates here in San Francisco, and I'm guessing much of their tour will be sold out as well. I doubt I'll be in attendance unless someone offers me a free ticket.

I liked them and I have a lot of their albums, but I don't think I loved them like other people do. A couple of their albums, I bought on reflex, just because it was a Smashing Pumpkins album.
Adore? C'mon, dude, what were you thinking? Not to mention Machina. Crikey. I mean, and I'm really reaching, there were a few decent tracks from those albums, but not enough to justify owning the entire thing. Somewhere between Siamese Dream and Mellon Collie, he began to lose his way. After Melon Collie, it was almost as if he was completely lost in the woods. I'm not even gonna start on Zwan (sorry, I didn't like that album at all) or his solo album, TheFutureEmbrace.

In any case, all the Smashing Pumpkins hubbub got me thinking about Mayonaise, which was probably my favorite track of theirs. I don't think there's a bad track on Siamese Dream, but this one stands out for me. Geek USA runs a very close second, I think. As for Mayonaise, I just like the melody, the big guitar sound and how it seems so grand. And I really like the line,
pick your pockets full of sorrow / run away with me tomorrow, it just feels like summer. Also, at the end of the song, it completely gets me when he says can anybody hear me / I just want to be me. Brilliant. Siamese Dream is worth checking out if you haven't heard it before. It is sooooo weird to think that this album is now 14 years old.

Smashing Pumpkins > Mayonaise

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jennifer said...

Hey, that was a great song. Smashing Pumpkins are so 9th-grade for me, but I really loved them that year! Me and my friends Jessicka and Lisa loved Gish and Siamese Dream. Rhinoceros and Daydream are probably my favorites off of Gish.