I love this song, the way it builds and builds. Then it seems to spin off in some uncontrollable frenzy. Awesome. Also, if you have the time, check out the live videos for this track on Youtube. The song utilizes this instrument called the reacTable, it's really fucking cool. Bjork is so cutting edge.

Raise your flag! Higher! Higher!

Check this on her newest album, Volta. I like it a lot. And get the rest of her stuff, too. It's totally worth it. Happy 4th of July, bitches.

Bjork > Declare Independence


Stef said...

This song is indeed rather fine. I'm more into the instrumentation rather than her voice though...

She's adorably nuts isn't she?

jennifer said...

Ruh roh. That was giving me a headache so I had to stop it. Was like drillcore jungle. Oh, Bjork.