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I've seen Electrelane before, once opening for Ladytron a few years ago and a couple months ago, supporting Arcade Fire. I quite liked the Electrelane live experience, but I never got round to really listening to any of their albums. They've recently released a new album, No Shouts, No Calls, and I've been spinning it as of late.

The album is solid as a whole, but the song that really stands out for me is To The East. It's light and floaty. The singer's voice is slightly off key, which makes it sorta endearing to me. It just seems more real, I guess. She's pining away for her lover, hoping for a reunion (
come back, come back, come back, oh to me) and the way she sings it comes off as very sweet, touching and heartfelt. I'm definitely feelin' it, especially the part with the bells (xylophone?). I love that pic of them up there, fucking gorgeous.

Electrelane > To The East

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jennifer said...

That was one of the better songs on their new album. I love them live. I was so mad I had to miss them in May cos it was a school night and like one of my final weeks of class. We need more awesome all-women bands.