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My copy of Linda Linda Linda finally showed up on my doorstep. I saw this last year at the Asian American Film Fest here in San Francico. It's a very laid back and charming movie about a band of girls trying to learn a song for their high school talent festival. They choose to cover "Linda Linda", by the Japanese punk band, The Blue Hearts. One of the more amusing scenes, for me, was when they were rummaging through a box of old cassette tapes, trying to decide which song to play. One of the girls says, "Puffy?", to which the other replies, "Are you kidding me?"; and then they move on to the next tape. I'm the big PUFFY fan, remember?

Another one of the more amusing aspects of the movie is the singer of the Paranmaum (At the end of the movie, the band are introduced as Paranmaum). The guitarist and the original singer had a falling out, so the girls were sitting around in the courtyard wondering what to do next. They finally say that the next female to pass by will sing for the band. The next female happens to be Son, an exchange student from Korea whose Japanese is lacking. It's very funny but not in a stupid slapstick-y way. Everything about the film seems so natural and genuine. It's not gonna change your life or blow you away, it's simply a cool little film. I completely recommend it, so check out this scene from the movie.

They also made a PV (promotional video) for the song, "Linda Linda Linda", and an actual EP as well, featuring songs from the movie. The EP is called "we are PARAN MAUM", and the video is below. They also have a myspace page, now you can friend them! BFF! THX 4 TEH ADD!!~!

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Do you like all Japanese girls with short skirts and musical instruments? ;-)