What a beautiful life

There's too much information on the net. I mean, it's a good thing, but it can be so overwhelming. Just look at music alone. 20 years ago, there was a build-up for the release of an album. Sometimes the anticipation would just about kill you. Now, most people wait around to see when the album will be leaked onto their favorite file sharing sources. And before the album has been officially released, many have already heard it, passed judgment, and are onto the next thing. Sometimes I feel like I'm not getting to know the music the way I used to, just because there's so much of it available, whether it's legal or not.

The cool thing, of course, is that there is now music available to you that, twenty years ago, you wouldn't have even heard or dreamed about. How many of us are listening to more foreign language artists (I'm of course coming from the point of view as an English speaking American). I know I'm listening to a lot more Japanese stuff for sure, as well as Spanish, Korean, and Chinese.

So what's the fucking point? Glad you asked. A couple months ago, I read a review of Gui Boratto's
Chromophobia over at Stylus Magazine. The review was especially glowing, and had me intrested in hearing the album, so I went and downloaded a few tracks to check out. However, I had forgotten about it all too soon and went on to be consumed by some random obsession (probably j-pop). Then, last week, I happened to be checking out a random blog (it was actually the blog of Ramesh, from Voxtrot) which was mentioned Gui Boratto's Beautiful Life, from the Chromophobia album. I gave it a spin and really liked it...and then I realized I had already downloaded it a long time ago, but I had too much on my plate to even give it the time of day.

So yeah, the point is...THERE'S TOO MUCH!! Either that, or I need to slow down. But it's so hard to slow down where there's so much great music that you'll never, ever hear.

As for Gui Boratto
, he is a DJ and producer of electronica and house music in his native Brazil. Perhaps if not for the internet, this guy might be a hero only in his own land. Who knows, he might not even being doing what he's doing if it weren't for the net. Instead, he's reaching out across continents and people are reaching back. Yeah, there's a ton of everything out there, accessible to anyone with a computer, and it can be overwhelming. But when the alternative is silence and waiting, I'll take the information overload.

Beautiful Life
is indeed a beauty. I love the blissed out ending with the New Order style bass goin on. Great fucking track and the rest of the album is solid as well. Yeah, I finally gave it a proper listen, several times over. It is a beautiful life.

Gui Boratto > Beautiful Life

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Stef said...

I like that, good find.