I'm so unsatisfied

This is from The Replacements' 1984 classic, "Let It Be". The way Paul Westerberg screams "I'm so unsatisfied" is filled with heartache, pain and hopelessness. It kinda makes me thinking of hearing an echo in a canyon. The song is sad, angry, and beautiful all at once. I know there have been more than a few times when I would have liked to scream it out. The rest of the album is pretty solid as well. It's worth having if only for "Unsatisfied", "Androgynous", "I Will Dare" and their straight-ahead cover of Kiss' "Black Diamond".

One of my favorite concert memories involves the first and only time I had seen The Replacements. They were playing The Warfield Theater in San Francisco, touring for what would be their final album, "All Shook Down". I ended up going with this girl I kinda liked at the time, Laura Pesavento (I'm not sure how/why I remember her full name). The day of the show was the day the gulf war started in 1991, it was all so surreal. I went to Laura's and collected her and we headed downtown on my motorcycle. When we got to Market / Van Ness, there were hundreds of protesters walking around in the streets. I slowly navigated my way through the crowds all the way down to 5th Street, and we parked the bike in an alley. Once we got in, the place was packed tight and the Mats rocked every single one of us. Superb, superb gig, I'm glad I was able to see them at least once in my life.

The Replacements > Unsatisfied

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