There are a lot of people at Versailles today

I watched Marie Antoinette this past weekend. I really enjoyed it, as I have enjoyed Sofia Coppola's other films, Lost In Translation and The Virgin Suicides. Once again, Coppola has hit a home run with her musical tastes. Maybe I'm biased because I apparently love the same types of music as her, but her choices fit perfectly. My absolute favorite moment of Marie Antoinette was when the newly crowned couple were descending down the stairs, and The Cure's Plainsong explodes from the speakers. Fucking perfection. Another fave was when MA was wandering the fields while Aphex Twin's Avril 14th played. Again, it fits perfectly. I mean, really, there are tons of little moments like these that I really enjoyed. I like how the film presented Marie Antoinette as is and didn't seem to judge her. Another quality of the movie I enjoyed was how it captured a moment or a feeling, much in the same way Coppola did in LIT or TVS. That's my interpretation of it, anyways.

Aphex Twin > Avril 14th


jennifer said...

Wow, I've never heard an Aphex Twin song like that! The movie was really dull to me, saved only by the exquisite costumes and food (!) and the fabulous soundtrack. I loved too when one of my favorite songs would kick in and I'd want to dance. I've always wanted to dance at the movies. There are just too many times when one of my favorite songs comes on loudly!

robot_hero said...

i gotta disagree, i was really into the movie. i dunno, it was kinda like being a fly on the wall and getting to see/hear all the stuff going on.

Stef said...

I had mixed feelings about the movie. Good in some ways (costumes particularly) but there was just too much life to cram into two hours IMO.

Didn't realise that track was Aphex Twin. Never really connected with what I've heard of his stuff but this is good. Atypical but good.

You're right though, Plainsong was a piece of genius. In fact I'm going to listen to that now!