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Going back to the rap/rock thing for a moment, this track, "Snoop Bounce", is perhaps my favorite of the genre. It's basically a rock remake of the Snoop Dogg track from his album, "Tha Doggfather". Snoop still handles the raps on this version, but the backing band happens to be Rage Against The Machine. To me, it's a glorious match made in heaven. The bass is big and funky and the guitars furiously tear their way through the song. Toss in Snoop's cool as ice vocals and you've got one fucking badass tune.

I wonder if they actually got together in the studio. If they did, that must have been an interesting meeting. What if Snoop had ended up fronting RATM after Zack left, sorta like Ice-T's Body Count, instead of the band recruiting Chris Cornell and changing the name to Audioslave? I think it would been better more interesting, I wasn't impressed at all with Audioslave, but hey, that's me. Anyways, I only thought of this because I'm going to Coachella this spring and RATM are headlining one of the three days.

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Stef said...

Now this is a great track, thanks for the find.

Snoop's vocals still make me laugh. I used to listen to Doggy Style all the time back in the mid 90s... Man, I'm so ghetto! ;-)

robot_hero said...

Yup, this track kicks ass. End of story.