I advance masked

All this talk of the Police reuniting and playing the Grammy show inspired me to dig out one of the cooler side project albums, "I Advance Masked" by Andy Summers and Robert Fripp. This was a favorite way back when. Both are very accomplished musicians, but the playing is understated and subtle. No wanky guitar solos or histrionics. Not to say I don't enjoy a screaming solo, but I think it just wouldn't work with these two guys.

This was the first of two albums Fripp and Summers did together, coming in 1982. The second album is 1984's "Bewitched". It's a solid album as well, but it's more song oriented and not as atmospheric as "I Advance Masked".

"Girl on a Swing" is my favorite track on the album. The title is perfect, the music really does conjure up a vision of a girl on a swing. It's so pretty and gently stirring, like a sunset on a gorgeous summer day. It could easily soundtrack a childhood flashback scene in a movie where some character is dwelling upon his or her lost youth. Like that new Hannibal Lecter-as-a-teenager movie that's coming this month. Riiiight.

Andy Summer/Robert Fripp > Girl on a Swing


Stef said...

I didn't even notice that song when it was on. Hardly stirring is it?

robot_hero said...

I think it's great ^_^

Stef said...

You need some metal! ;-)