Once, I wanted to be the greatest

One of the worst gigs I've ever seen was Cat Power at the Noise Pop fest a few years ago. It started off fine but quickly descended into crap. She complained about the reverb on her guitar. She complained about the tuning of the piano. She complained about the stage lighting. She soon had the lighting dude dim the lights til it was nearly complete darkness onstage. She slowly kept creeping towards the back of the stage until it reached the point where I couldn't see her. It was a shame, because I had really been looking forward to seeing her and this is my one Cat Power memory I've been left with.

Now I've read that she's gotten help and cleaned up her act. No more freaking out on stage, no more emotional outbursts...or at least she's cut it all to a minimum. I might try to catch her again so I can replace the shit experience with a good one, but we'll see. In any case, I'm still a fan of her, live performances notwithstanding. Check out these solo versions, they're pretty sweet. Apparently they were recorded for eMusic, although I couldn't vouch for it. And isn't she stunning in that pic? Goodness...

The Greatest
Remember Me
Ramblin' Man
Good Woman

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