The Fountain

The other night, I saw a movie called The Fountain. I'd been waiting for it since I had heard of it, roughly about a year ago. The director is Darren Aronofsky, whose previous work is Pi and Requiem For A Dream, which were a couple of the more interesting movies I've seen in past years. The Fountain is the story of a man who is trying to find a cure for his dying wife's disease. There are three parallel stories being told at the same time, concerning life, love, death, and spirituality. As I mentioned, I had been waiting for it for quite some time and generally, I'm a total sucker for stuff like this. Sadly, I felt disappointed when it was all said and done. The story felt convoluted and incomplete. It felt repetitive and perhaps a bit forced. This is me trying to be nice. In the end, I was disappointed with the film. Visually, it's gorgeous. The soundtrack, done by Clint Mansell, The Kronos Quartet, and Mogwai, is excellent as well, and worth your time. The movie, perhaps not so much, but you never know, this is just my view.

Stay With Me (from The Fountain OST)


Loki said...

Well it was fun hanging out with you at least...haha , sorry for snoring

robot_hero said...

hehe, you weren't the only one snoring. i could hear at least two other people in the vicinity.