Off your face

Perhaps my favorite My Bloody Valentine track. I love the way Bilinda sings it, so sweet and melancholy. I remember having the strangest feeling the first time I'd heard it. I had bought Loveless and the Glider EP (which contains this track) after seeing the Only Shallow video on 120 Minutes way back in 91 or 92, when Loveless first hit. I think, musically, I lived off 120 Minutes back then, it was one of the few ways to hear new music out of the mainstream that I was interested in. Anyways, Only Shallow was the song that hooked me. The soothing, sexy vocals set against that glorious noise. The backup vocals, with the oohs and aahs. It was cool how the vocals weren't pushed to the front of the mix, the way they blended in with the rest of the instruments. Off Your Face is a perfect pop song to me, it sounds like the way it would feel to float on clouds in a clear, blue sky.

My Bloody Valentine > Off Your Face

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jennifer said...

Forgot to say: LOVE this song. It's like the midpoint between their initial janglier noise (which I love) and their full on NOIZE.