Wishing life wouldn't be so dull...

Recently, I'd been tipped to The Konki Duet. I've been listening to their album, "Il Fait Tout Gris", obsessively. It could be the perfect soundtrack to a bizarre fairy tale or a journey down a forest path lined with gnarled, old trees. Aside from what I've read on their website, I don't know much about the three girls in the band (Zoe, Tam, and Kumi). They have an album, "Mountain Mouton", coming next week. You can buy it here. Also, you can, of course, listen to them on their myspace page. They've got some downloadable goodies on their site, as well as the tracks I'm going to preview here. These are the third, fourth, and fifth tracks on the album. I really love the sequencing and the way they flow in and out of each other. That can be said of the whole album in general, but these tracks are particularly striking to me.

*Please note that these files are m4a, as I generally post mp3 (just in case it makes a difference)

Check em out:
Tu Vas Partir Sans Moi
Il Fait Tout Gris


jennifer said...

Yep. I listened to this album in full twice because I like the person who recommended them. But it's all just too...slow?...abstract? for me. I don't know; it just seemed a bit dull. I can dig quiet, slow, soft things - like Mum - but, sadly, I couldn't get down with the Konki Duet. :o(

robot_hero said...

This album is like magic to me. Funny that you mention Mum. The Konki Duet album feels like a darker counterpart to Mum's Yesterday Was Dramatic Today Is OK. That's just me, tho...I can't wait for the new KD album.

Stef said...

Mum? Am I missing something here?

Annoyingly their myspace page doesn't seem to be streaming properly today so I can't hear it :-(

robot_hero said...

I think it's more of a feeling than a direct comparison ^_^