So here I am, sat up in Edinburgh. Had a great time in Glasgow last night, I
think I registered an 8 on the drunk-o-meter. Anything more and I probably
would have been sick all over Kristin's car. Oh, and I went with Sharon and
Thom to an 80s party last Saturday in East Ham (I think that's what it's
called), that was fun. So far on this trip, I've met a ton of peeps who I'll
attempt to list when I get home. My hosts, Sharon and Thom in Datchet and
Kristin and Jonny in Edinburgh, have all been exceedingly kind. I'm gonna
catch up with Debbie in London tonight. My plane leaves in about 4 hours so
I gotta start getting ready. I have to bus it to the airport as Kristin and
Jonny are working.

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White Chocolate said...

songs like you're off to a great start! :)

jennifer said...

I'm so excited for you! I didn't get to you in time to tell you to give Kristin a massive hug for me as she's missed. What is UebiMiau 2.7.9, you techie? :D Can't wait to hear more.

robot_hero said...

UebiMiau is just a web based email program. I don't know why it posts my messages with those poetic-style line breaks, it looks weird.