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Made it back alive and it's pissing down outside. I've just finished uploading my photos to Flickr, if you wanna check 'em. This is one of the cows from Edinburgh. There were a shitload of them, this is my favorite.


Stef said...

Looks like you had a great, if slightly wet, trip.

jennifer said...

Ah, great, gray, gothic Britain. It was fun trying to work out where you were, from the titleless slideshow mode (I don't know if you labeled pics). Some of your Edinburgh Castle pics are so like mine (of course it rained on the day I went, too), that I've gotten all nostalgic for me four years ago, seemingly free and lacking in responsibility. Oh!

Stef said...

You do need to put some titles on dude. I live here and could still on figure out where half the pictures were!

robot_hero said...

I'll probably do it this weekend, I just haven't had time during the week.