Recovery Day

Man, I still have cobwebs in my head. I kept waking up every other hour in a daze. Finally got up around 10ish, sat and contemplated doing laundry til about noon and finally got off my ass. I've also been trying to finish a mix for my mystery Bowlie recipient. I actually made one before I left, but decided it wasn't really right. So now I've started from scratch.

A couple tracks I'm thinking of:
Fountains of Wayne > Stacy's Mom
I really like this song. It's got handclaps, crunchy guitars, a catchy chorus, and Rachel Hunter in the video. What more could you want?

Faye Wong > Unstable
Mmmm. Faye Wong. So goddamn pretty and a lovely voice. I don't know the exact story, but The Cocteau Twins wrote a couple songs for her on this album ("Impatience") and I think Robin Guthrie did some production work. Either way, I think it's a cool album.

The White Stripes > The Hardest Button To Button
"Elephant" is my favorite White Stripes disc. This is probably my favorite track, with "Little Acorns" running a close second.


Stef said...

Love the mini Jack and Meg. Class. Hardest Button is a fantastic song, I always turn it way up when I'm in the car.

When I was in HK earlier this year we went past Faye Wong's house... Exciting hey?

robot_hero said...

Oh man, I'd kill to walk past Faye Wong's house. All I want is to get a glimpse of her, I'm easy to please.

Stef said...

You want to get a glimpse of her what? ;-)