And so it ends...

Good trip. Went to HDIF last night, slept in a hallway afterwards. Woke up,
had breakfast, walked around London a bit and that's about it. I'm leaving
for home tomorrow morning. Good stuff.

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Stef said...

Bugger! I was so busy with work I completely forgot. I was still working at 7pm though so it's unlikely I'd have been able to make it over anyway. I should have mailed you though... Sorry!

Hope you had a good trip and that your journey back is safe.

I'll be heading to California in the summer but south CA though. Landing at LAX and driving down San Diego way during mid-July.

Sarah said...

I really wanted to catch up with you yesterday, but I guess it wasn't meant to be :(. Hope you enjoyed London anyway and maybe next time we'll be able to catch up! Have a safe journey home x

robot_hero said...

Next time, eh?