Late Night Confidential #14 - End of the Year Edition

This is the year-end edition of Late Night Confidential. Everybody loves a good list, or loves to hate them, and this is my entry. I go over about 40 or so of my favorite tracks from 2014.

Artists include St. Vincent & Nirvana, The Cry, Bob Mould, Esben and the Witch, Ex Hex, Robyn, Caribou, The Juan MacLean, White Sea, Charlie XCX, Taylor Swift, Javiera Mena, iamamiwhoami, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, First Aid Kit, Laura Cantrell, Jessica Lea Mayfield, Sharon Van Etten, Ryan Adams, The Haden Triplets, Sun Kil Moon, Angel Olsen, Inventions, Jessie Ware, Royksopp & Robyn, Lykke Li, St. Vincent, Cibo Matto, La Sera, The New Pornographers, Hamilton Leithauser, The History of Apple Pie, Ariel Pink, The Understudies, The Secret Sisters, The War on Drugs, Jenny Lewis, Tweedy, Afghan Whigs and Grouper.

Happy new year and hope you enjoy.


Late Night Confidential #13

The Xmas edition of LNC is here. Listen as @lilyvanilli, Jedi Rick and I join forces (like Transformers) and play some pretty sweet Xmas tunes. Click on for the tracklist.


Late Night Confidential #12

We're back with more cover songs! Last week, I realized I had a bunch more covers I wanted to play, so this show is a part two of last week's show, I guess. Artists include: Petra Haden, Annie, Karen O & Trent Reznor, Chvrches, The Bird & The Bee, Curve, Asobi Seksu, The National, Danny Malone, Theoretical Girl, Fever Ray, Fiona Apple, St. Vincent, Belle & Sebastian, David Ruffin, Ivy, Valerie June, Laura Nyro, Emmy the Great and Shugo Tokumaru. Enjoy!


Late Night Confidential #11

The Too Many Cooks episode! Sorry, I'm kidding, this is a cover song show. Artists include Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, Austra, Beak>, 50 Foot Wave, Aimee Mann, Gillian Welch, Laura Cantrell, Iron & Wine, Beck's Record Club, Gemma Hayes, Ada, Austra (yes, twice), Chromatics, Minipop, Shonen Knife, Katie and Allison Crutchfield, The Innocence Mission and Four Tet. Enjoy!


Late Night Confidential #10

This week, I hang out with @lilyvanilli and she plays some of her new favorite songs. I play a few songs I've been into. Artists include Robyn, iamamiwhoami, Yelle, Laura Cantrell, X Priest X, Charli XCX, The Secret Sisters, Contact, Kelly Willis & Bruce Robison, Neko Case, Me First & The Gimme Gimmes and Grouper. Sort of in that order. Enjoy!


Late Night Confidential #9

We're still here, surprisingly! Artists this time include The Veils, Kelly Willis, Gillian Welch, I Was a King, Alice in Chains, Adding Machine, Takako Minekawa, The History of Apple Pie, Blood Diamonds (feat. Grimes), Wilco and Adrian Belew.

Sort of a random assortment, mostly just stuff I've been spinning lately.



Late Night Confidential #8

In which I reminisce about Kate Bush one final time (because I think everyone is sick of it) and move on to other artists, such as I Speak Machine, Cuts, Weezer, The New Pornographers, La Sera, Jessica Lea Mayfield, Fleeting Joys, Lali Puna and Mogwai.


Late Night Confidential #7

The Labor Day edition. And I actually recorded this while the sun was still out, but it still retains the Late Night Confidential spirit. Talking 70s tonight. Artists include Cyndi Grecco, The Emotions, Squeeze, The Ramones, The B-52s, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Kraftwerk, Carole King, The Jackson 5. IN THAT ORDER.


Late Night Confidential #6

In this episode, I chat with @chump_change about her favorite Ryan Adams songs.



Late Night Confidential #5

In this episode: some songs from my childhood, I bitch about my encounter with the Magnum Force cops, I bitch about a guy from eBay who sold me PJ Harvey tix in 2001 and then bailed on me. I think I complained about something else, too. Anyways, artists include the aforementioned PJ Harvey, Kate Bush, Ministry, The Temptations, Thin Lizzy and Tom Jones. Probably not in that order.


Late Night Confidential #4

In this episode, I delve into the world of alt-country. Artists include Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter, Old 97s, Anna Ternheim, Whiskeytown, Neko Case, Danny Malone, Okkervil River, Calexico/Iron & Wine, Sparklehorse and Gram Parsons. But not in that order.


Late Night Confidential #3

90 minutes of me butchering the names of people, bands and the English language in general (and a bit of French) while I talk over some of my favorite songs from the first half of 2014. This episode features White Sea, Royksopp & Robyn, The Both, The Knife, Cibo Matto, Inventions, St. Vincent, The Haden Triplets, Agalloch, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, The Cry, EMA, Coeur de Pirate, Mark Kozelek, CUTS and Kawehi. BUT NOT IN THAT ORDER. Enjoy!


Late Night Confidential #2

Seeing as how I'm booked to go see Kate Bush live in London this fall, I decided to ramble on about some of my favorite Kate Bush songs. Also musing a bit about the prospect of going to see her live in 2014 after being a fan since about 84 or 85.


Late Night Confidential #1

This episode is R.E.M.-themed. I've been listened to the R.E.M. rarities collection for the past few days (it was released last week) and I thought I'd run through some R.E.M. album cuts and b-sides.

Not that anyone cares, but I've changed the name of the show to Late Night Confidential. The name comes from the San Jose Sharks playoff run of 2011, when broadcasters Randy Hahn and Drew Remenda would do informal analysis in their hotel rooms after the games and post the videos online. It was kinda cool and amusing to see them with their hair down and their ties loosened, so to speak. It didn't last long, however, and they were shut down, presumably because the team/network/cable company wasn't able to monetize it. Speaking as a long-time Sharks fan, Late Night Confidential is probably the best thing to come out of any Sharks playoff run, so far.


Robot Cast #5

Travel back to the 80s with me in this week's edition of the Robot Hero podcast. It won't let me post all these as tags, so here are the bands and artists we'll be spinning: King Crimson, Kate Bush, Adrian Belew, Electric Light Orchestra, Tahnee Cain/Tryanglz, Art of Noise, Jean Michel Jarre, The Go-Go's, The Primitives, The Darling Buds, They Might Be Giants, Tin Machine, Fishbone, Todd Rundgren, The Innocence Mission, Book of Love.


Robot Cast #4

The return of the podcast. I bribed @chump_change into talking cover songs with me while I recorded the conversation. It's slightly less than an hour long, so give it a spin if you're so inclined.


Lay your head where it burns

The new Lykke Li album, I Never Learn, is out and I love it. Seriously, with track titles like I Never Learn, Heart of Steel and Sleeping Alone, brutal heartbreak never sounded so good.

Check out Love Me Like I'm Not Made of Stone, then go track down the album and listen to it on repeat all day. You can thank me later.


Sweatin' to the Oldies

So, I've been going to a gym for the past month. I made a little mix of uptempo stuff to keep me company while I sweat and attempt to extend my life. A little rock, a little electro, a little dance and even some Jpop. One mp3, 20 tracks and it's just over an hour long. Please excuse the terrible title, it was all I could conjure up.

Tracklist and dl link after the jump.


Black Sabbeth

Beth Gibbons and UK metal band, Gonga, have teamed up for a cover of Black Sabbath's Black Sabbath. This version is cleverly titled, Black Sabbeth. I love Beth Gibbons, it's nice to hear her voice again. Check it out.


Before the Dawn

It's been over a year hiatus around here and it took Kate Bush to bring me back.

If you're somewhat familiar with her, you may have heard by now that Kate Bush is playing nearly a month's worth of shows, entitled Before the Dawn, in London this coming fall. If you've read this blog with any sort of regularity, you probably know that I've been a fan of Kate Bush for quite a long time. Outside of the odd appearance here or there, she hasn't done a proper concert or tour since 1979, now 35 years ago. I first discovered her music around 1985, when Hounds of Love was released, which makes about 29 years of pining for a live show. Seriously, it's been a long time.

Long after the Red Shoes (1993), but before Aerial (2005), I had pretty much given up any hope of new Kate Bush material. Thankfully, I was proven wrong. From 2005 to 2011, She's put out two albums of excellent new material. Three albums, really, if you count 2011's Director's Cut which is not really new material but, you know, something. That averages out to an album every two years in that time span.

Fast forward to 2014. There had been rumblings of Kate Bush news, but nobody knew what it was. Myself, I figured it might be a new album or song. That was probably the best I could and would hope for. Imagine my surprise. 1.30am, the morning of 21 March. I was about to go to bed when I see a cryptic tweet aimed at me that said "Wake up dude! You're not dreaming!" I didn't get it. Then, after a few moments of confusion on my part, I see some other tweets saying that Kate Bush has just announced London dates.

No. Fucking. Way.

I had been texting with my girlf right at that moment, who quite possibly is a bigger Kate fan than I. I texted something like "OMG KATE BUSH AT HAMMERSMITH", to which she replies "They're finally releasing the DVD?"

After my fingers fumbled a couple times, I finally got my point across.

Tickets went on sale last week. We were lucky enough to have presale codes and, after a few harrowing phone calls with our respective banks, we secured tickets for a few of the shows.

It's still a while away, the Kate Bush residency doesn't begin until the end of August and the shows we've booked are in the middle of September, but it's sort of like a dream that hasn't really sunk in yet. We checked our bank statements and the money has been debited (this will be the single most expensive ticket I've ever bought for a concert, not even counting the travel dollars that will be spent), but we don't have the tickets in our grubby paws yet and it's too early to work out a travel itinerary.

I suspect it'll become slightly more real once the tickets arrive. Baby steps, man. I've loved Kate Bush for nearly 30 years, so the wait from now to mid-September shouldn't be that bad. I mean, you know; theoretically. Right?

In any case, you can read more of my Kate Bush ramblings from over the years here, if you're so inclined.