Late Night Confidential #1

This episode is R.E.M.-themed. I've been listened to the R.E.M. rarities collection for the past few days (it was released last week) and I thought I'd run through some R.E.M. album cuts and b-sides.

Not that anyone cares, but I've changed the name of the show to Late Night Confidential. The name comes from the San Jose Sharks playoff run of 2011, when broadcasters Randy Hahn and Drew Remenda would do informal analysis in their hotel rooms after the games and post the videos online. It was kinda cool and amusing to see them with their hair down and their ties loosened, so to speak. It didn't last long, however, and they were shut down, presumably because the team/network/cable company wasn't able to monetize it. Speaking as a long-time Sharks fan, Late Night Confidential is probably the best thing to come out of any Sharks playoff run, so far.

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