My feet are in the sky

I went with a couple friends to see First Aid Kit last week. They put on a great show and were kind enough to sign records and take pics with fans. This post is basically an excuse to post the pic. That's Rick and I with the First Aid Kit ladies, Johanna and Klara. I'm in the green jacket. This is King of the World, from The Lion's Roar.

First Aid Kit - King of the World


I gotta get back to you

When I was a kid, the Electric Light Orchestra were pretty huge. Actually, using my meager allowance, Ole ELO (a greatest hits compilation) was among my first ever vinyl purchases way back when. My dad wasn't much of a pop music fan, he was more into classical music. He once stopped by my room while I was listening to A New World Record, the strings had caught his ear and the juxtaposition of traditionally classical music instruments in a rock n' roll setting had intrigued him. He actually asked me about the band and I answered with whatever a 10 year old would answer. He even bought Out of the Blue when it came out in 77 and we would listen to it together. I think the strings gave them credibility in his mind.

The other day, I came across this live clip of ELO doing Sweet Talkin' Woman (which is on Out of the Blue) and it totally reminded me of all that. I can also put ELO in the Bands I Wish I'd Seen Live file, so I'm glad stuff like this exists.

ELO - Sweet Talkin' Woman


Why would you live anywhere else?

I'm loving the new Best Coast single. It sounds a lot cleaner that the previous album, but who cares because it's so damn catchy. This is a song that should blasted in the car, windows and top down, as you drive along Highway 1 on a bright, sunny day.

The Only Place is the title track from the upcoming album (out May 15) and is Bethany Cosentino's love letter to California and really, why would you live anywhere else?

Best Coast - The Only Place


Pictures came and broke your heart

Shugo Tokumaru's version of The Buggles' Video Killed The Radio Star. My friend who turned me onto Tokumaru described him as a folkier Cornelius, which pretty much sold me.

You can find this on Polyvinyl's Japan 3-11-11 album, which benefits the victims of last year's earthquake in Japan.

Shugo Tokumaru - Video Killed The Radio Star


Robot Cast #1

I'm trying my hand at a podcast, since I seem to have a little extra time on my hands these days (read: unemployed). Listen to my lovely voice, as well as some of my favorite songs. Don't be afraid.